dmexco 2018 – Take C.A.R.E.

dmexco, Europe’s largest trade fair for the digital economy, will be taking place this year under the new slogan Take C.A.R.E. dmexco wants to encourage them to take responsibility in a world that is currently characterized by data scandals, fake news and a growing denial of advertising. But it’s also about attitude, madness and courage. In the last 10 years I had the chance to actively accompany the trade fair and I was able to immerse myself in many topics. Much of it turned out on closer inspection as „Marketinggetöse“, some of them, however, has evolved and developed a place in communications and advertising.

The development of social media was and is particularly interesting for me as a communicator. When dmexco opened its doors for the first time in 2009 – at that time with 290 exhibitors and more than 14,000 trade visitors – social media was in its infancy. Facebook was already on the market, Twitter as well. Blogs got into corporate communications and the topics were colorful and the stories sounded confident. Today, 10 years later, social media has become a fixture in corporate communications, with many new channels emerging and demanding their attention. The speed of development is a challenge for many companies, but young and open-minded people – the so-called digital natives – are eager to take the opportunity and develop new content formats for new audiences. Even the media have not closed the trend, they invite their readers to share content on social media and to contribute with comments in the discussion. New media channels have emerged that convey content differently than they did 10 years ago. You just think about Snapchat, Stories and Instagram.

But instead of looking forward to these many opportunities, social media are misunderstood and misused by many. We see that our society is not always colorful, that one needs attitude and perseverance, and many companies are thinking about cutting back on social media because of the current developments. Investments are being channeled into new areas, such as employer branding, brand ambassadors, and intelligent customer engagement software that will simplify and elegantly communicate with customers and ultimately put the customer at the center of all efforts.

It is clear that communication and marketing can no longer be designed without technology, but it also always takes the people in the company who are embracing new technology, developing it and shaping it with their stories and their experience. Take C.A.R.E., I think it’s a great motto, a fitting motto in times of upheaval and uncertainty. It is important that we all become aware that communication and advertising today have a great responsibility. For customers, employees and society.


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